Torquay - Home of Riviera English School

For groups – an ideal way of combining English studies with visiting the beautiful south-west of England. We have many years of experience in ministay, and have welcomed more than 150 groups from all over the world.


Ministay courses are available all year except from mid-june until the end of August, during which times our multinational Junior/teenager summer course is running. Ministay courses are for groups of 15 or more students.

Whilst most of our groups are school-aged (13-17*), we can also accept groups of all adult ages, including 50+.

Ministay courses are held in the school building; students have use of all of the facilities, including free wifi, pool, table football, library and computers. There is a garden for the breaks and leaders can relax in the Group Leader’s room. The school is ideally located in the centre of the town, with a very short walk to the shops or beaches.

*Some 11 and 12 year-olds may be accepted within a group if a group leader or reponsible adult agrees to take extra responsibility for them, ensuring there is no unaccompanied time.

Activities and Excursions

During the stay, we can organise a full programme of excursions and activities for 
your group to some of England’s top tourist destinations. You can make up your own
programme from the list of options we will provide, or let us do it for you.

Study Options

Option A   General English

Option B   English Cultural Studies

Option C   English for Specific Purposes

Courses are normally 15 hours (4 lessons of 45 minutes per day), maximum 16 students per class.
Full details on request


Students stay with carefully selected Homestay providers, usually in shared rooms. All meals are provided – including a packed lunch for school days and excursions. It’s a great way of experiencing life in England and improving language skills at the same time.

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