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Examinations Preparation 2018

Examination Courses


  • Flexible course length from 6 to 12 weeks
  • *28 Lessons of 45 minutes per week 20 hours
  • Small class sizes (max 12 in the mornings, max 6 in the afternoon classes)
  • Support/advice given before, during and after the exams
  • You will be taught by qualified helpful teachers
  • We have practice tests/past papers to help prepare
  • The course fees below include exam entry and postage of certificate (postage is standard post only, not courier).
  • Minimum age 16**

Cambridge English First (formerly FCE)
(upper-intermediate level, B2)

  Courses 3 times a year
  Exams 2018: March, June, November
  Courses start 6-12 weeks before the exam- please contact school
  Exam in Torquay
  Exam entry fee: £135 (including postage)

6 week course £1230
12 week course £2340

Cambridge English Advanced (formerly CAE)   (Advanced Level C1)

  Courses 3 times a year
   Exams 2018: March, June, Novem
  Courses start 6-12 weeks before the exam date
  Exam in Torquay
  Exam entry fee: £135 (including postage)

6 week course £1230
12 week course £2340


  Monthly- continuous enrolment
  The exam is held every month in the nearby cities of Plymouth or Exeter (about 25 miles from Torquay) or in Torquay during the period April-September
  Exam entry fee: £160 (including postage)

6 week course £1230*
12 week course £2340*

*+£25 per week for any weeks in the high season (18th June-27th August 2018)

Timetable   (Monday to Friday)

Teacher A           09.30 — 11.00
Coffee Break      11.00 — 11.30
Teacher B           11.30 — 13.00
Intensive Class* 13.45 — 15.45 (Usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Please note that on your first morning, there will be a test and induction at 9.30, and class lessons will begin at 11.30.

*In case of insufficient numbers:
Please note that all exam courses are subject to sufficient numbers. If there are not enough students to make a designated exam class, at the time of booking we will offer you an Intensive General English course at the correct level and will include extra exam support and guidance. If there are not enough students of the same level to form an intensive afternoon class, we may replace the afternoon  intensive classes with a total of 2 X 1:1 classes per week (total 1.5 hours). In this case, extra work including practice tests would be set in the afternoons; it is suggested students attend a minimum of 2 afternoons per week (2 X 1.5 hours). There would be no additional charge for this.

**Parental consent is required for all students under 18 years of age. There may be events on the social programme that are not available to students under 18. It must be understood that classes are very much adult-oriented and a mature attitude to studies is necessary. The school fully understands the different welfare requirements of young students and will provide support where necessary.

The registration fee is £80.

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